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Industrial Design & Product development

Development of new products is an exciting process that requires room for the unfolding of new thoughts and ideas, but also a structured approach that can ensure a successful result and a sound business case. My experience in developing new products from idea to a production-ready design helps you to ensure progress and products as a seller.

Design strategy

I help facilitate activities that can clarify new insights into the end user's wishes and needs, as well as offer strategic advice regarding the product's position in the market. In-depth insight into desirable functionalities and the right aesthetic expression is often decisive for whether a product succeeds in the market 

  • Consumer Research & interviews

  • Technology & material search

  • Requirements specification for the product's functions

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Design concept

With strong sketching skills, I create quick visualizations of product ideas & designs. Design sketches are an important tool in the early development phase and help set direction and vision for your project. In the concept phase, many different directions must be explored and therefore I like to facilitate brainstorm workshops and build quick models, 3D and mock ups which can be used to assess the strength of the design proposals 

  • Sketch proposal of design ideas

  • 3D mock up and visualizations

  • Early prototypes and 3D prints

Design detailing

In phase 3 of the product development, we go a step deeper into the detail of one or more selected design proposals. I provide assistance with mechanical construction of the product's individual parts in SolidWorks. Solid understanding of materials, production and assembly techniques is my starting point for contributing with innovative  and cost-effective solutions to technical challenges. 

  • 3D construction of items (SolidWorks)

  • Preparation of production basis

  • Surface finish and material specification

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Test & Validation

Based on the detailed drawings from the design detailing, production tools and master blanks are produced, which form the basis for testing the product's properties and functionality. At the same time, the process around marketing and packaging begins, where I also like to offer design suggestions.

  • Inspection of master subjects

  • Adaptation of subject design and production basis

  • Consumer test of 0 series

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Unique products - customized development processes

No two processes are alike when it comes to product development. Therefore, a collaboration with Busk Innovation always takes into account your needs and wishes for the process and I am happy to offer to assist with just the part that your organization lacks input for. The above model is my starting point for a structured approach that ensures good results, progress and an overview. Each phase ends with a meeting where a decision is made about the next step and there is thus an opportunity to stop the process midway if the prerequisites for the project change. You can expect the following output from the development phases of my model. 

1. Design strategy
  • Product specification with product features and characteristics

  • Moodboards for aesthetic trends

  • Target for the product's market price

  • Project plan

2. Design concepts
  • Design Sketches & 3D visualizations

  • Description of material selection and primary manufacturing methods

  • Component list and price estimate

3. Design detailing
  • Production drawings

  • Final material- and color choice

  • Tolerences and surface finishes

  • Choice of suppliers

4. Test & Validation
  • Test reports for end-user testing

  • Custom blank drawings for production basis

  • Ideas for marketing

With me on board the project, you get an experienced industrial designer who can keep the development process efficient, structured and on track. Together we create functional, sustainable and beautiful products based on a solid design strategy.

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