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With strong hand sketching skills I  help create quick visualisations of product ideas & design. Design sketches are an important tool in the early development process and helps set direction and vision for your project. Cool hand sketching skills can also be used for marketing of the product later on.

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Components for prototypes

I help construct components in 3D CAD files that can be used for making prototypes & 3D prints for test and evaluation during development and as the basic for manufacturing in mass production. I assist in determining the most appropriate manufacturing process and design the components accordingly.


The development of new products is an exiting process that demands room for exploration of new thoughts and ideas, but also a structured approach that ensures a successful result and a healthy business case. My experience with developing new products from idea to a production ready design helps you ensure progress and a product assortment that sells.

In my approach to the innovation process, you will find tools that ensure rapid progression and quality in all step. I am passionate about working with innovation and take responsibility to ensure that the projects get to the finish line safely.

So, whether you are looking for input and solutions to technical challenges of you exiting products, design proposals for new products or assistance to construction and CAD-modelling of product components I have the expertise to help you forward.

Learn more about my approach to the product development here.

Circular design

Busk Innovation - Design Principles whit

When developing and using new products we must strive that the materials and the energy that we use are part of circular and renewable processes. I work from a set of circular design principles that are to ensure products with high durability, which can be part of new contemporary products, when they have served their original purpose.    

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Part of IdéMejeriet

Busk Innovation is housed in an old dairy near Horsens, Denmark. We have transformed the charming dairy building into an office community for smaller companies working in creative fields.

Design for real needs


Understanding and designing to meet end users' expectation is key to the success of your product. I help facilitate activities that reveal new insights to customers preferences and offer strategic advise on marked positioning of your new product. 

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passion for engineering,

design & nature

My product development toolbox consists of analytical- and creative methods that can help you create sustainable, beautiful, and functional products based on a powerful design strategy.

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The competitive solution meets the needs and expectations of the target group, can be produced effectively, and holds an appealing design. In my approach to the innovation process, you will find tools that ensure quality in all step as well as a strong business case.

Mads Busk

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+45 31328269

Nr. Snedevej 9,

8700 Horsens


Industriel Designer

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